Certified Quality Manager Registration criteria Application form

The New Zealand Organisation for Quality Incorporated (NZOQ) Register of Certified Quality Professionals provides a mechanism for registering suitably experienced and qualified persons as having met the requirements for various levels of professional recognition within the field of quality management.

Recognition is provided by way of an annual certificate and inclusion on a publicly available register of qualified persons.

Requirements for Certification

The following training, educational, work and quality management experience requirements must be met for admission to the Register of Certified Quality Professionals.

Membership of New Zealand Organisation for Quality

Applicants must be fully financial individual members of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality or alternatively a nominee, representative, or additional representative of a financial member company. In the case of persons holding NZOQ membership through a company membership their membership and their registration will lapse should they cease to be employed by the member company or if the company membership lapses. Employees of member companies will not be eligible for inclusion on the register unless they are named nominees, representatives or additional representatives of the member company.

Professional Knowledge

The attainment of an NZOQ/NMIT (previously NZOQ) Certificate in Quality Assurance or alternatively, proof of competency in the skills and body of knowledge defined in the syllabus of the Certificate in Quality Assurance.

In addition to the above applicants must provide proof of having acquired advanced skills in Quality Management to the equivalent of 24 hours of formal study or tuition accompanied by formal assessment of competence.

The intention is to allow applicants to develop specialist skills appropriate to their careers. Hence the subject content is not specified but it is expected to advance an area of quality related skills or knowledge introduced in the Certificate in Quality Assurance. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to; auditing, advanced statistical skills, improvement teams facilitation, approved university qualifications, other relevant professional qualifications, quality related aspects of marketing, systems management and human resources management.

Management Skills and Knowledge

Proof of attainment of managerial skills to the equivalent of 40 hours of formal study or tuition accompanied by formal assessment of competence. The intention is to allow applicants to develop managerial skills appropriate to their career development. The course content must cover material from a minimum of five of the following areas of management with none of the five areas involving less than five hours of formal study.

  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Management Organisation
  • Management Information Systems
  • Selling and/or Marketing
  • Purchasing, Supply Chain and/or Materials Management
  • Accounting, Finance and/or Budget Control
  • Human Relations Management
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management.

Applicants must provide course prescriptions together with proof of competence. Corporate training is acceptable provided it meets these criteria. Where formal assessment of competence is not available an attestation of competence by an employer is acceptable.

Applicants holding other quality related qualifications may submit these qualifications for consideration as alternative proof of competence in the skills and body of knowledge required. Such alternative qualifications must have been formally and independently assessed by a qualifications provider acceptable to NZOQ. NZOQ will evaluate such qualifications for equivalence on a case by case basis and where equivalence is established accept such qualifications as proof of competency in the skills and body of knowledge required for certification.

The onus to provide documented evidence of proof of the equivalence of an alternative qualification shall rest with the applicant.

Professional Work Experience

Applicants must provide proof of at least three years work experience in a quality related role. The test for whether work experience is quality related will be based on the nature of the work tasks and the degree to which they support the quality management efforts of the organisation. The applicant is required to furnish a job description or other documented proof of the work experience being quality related. Such evidence must be attested by the employer. Where the applicant is self employed an alternative attestation is acceptable if it is provided by an independent person who can confirm professional knowledge of the applicant's work experience.

Adopt the Code of Ethics

All applicants are required to maintain and advance the standing of the quality management profession by signing and practising the Code of Ethics.

Inclusion on a Public Register

All applicants are required to give permission for their name to be entered on to a register of quality professionals. In so doing applicants give permission to NZOQ to provide their name and the qualification for which they are registered to any enquirer and from time to time publish their name in public listings of the register. This permission to disclose information will be restricted to the applicant's name and qualification for which they are registered and will not include contact details or other personal information.

Annual Renewal of Certification


Certification must be renewed annually. Renewal requires:

  • Payment of the certification renewal fee
  • Ongoing financial membership of NZOQ
  • Proof of ongoing professional development

Professional Development

A minimum of 16 hours (two days) of attendance at approved courses, seminars or conferences per annum or the equivalent time in evening or distance learning courses. Corporate training and seminars may be acceptable if details of content and independent attestation of attendance is provided. NZOQ branch meetings, seminars and site visits may be included subject to documented proof of attendance. Professional body meetings (e.g. NZOQ or other professional committees) may account for up to four hours in total for any one year.
Presentation of papers or training courses or publication of professional articles may account for up to another four hours in total per year.

Four hours of self directed professional development based on professional reading and private study attested by the applicant.

Professional development shall be recorded and submitted on the professional development log form available from NZOQ.

Onus of Proof

The onus to provide documented evidence of proof of meeting the requirements for initial certification and annual renewal including ongoing professional development, shall rest with the applicant. NZOQ will conduct a confirmation check on a random of sample the attestations of professional development submitted for annual renewal.

Removal from the Register

A person shall be removed from the register if they:

  • Provide false information to obtain certification
  • Indulge in behaviour contrary to the Code of Ethics
  • Cease to be a financial member of NZOQ or cease to be the nominee, representative, or additional representative of a financial company member.
  • Are in arrears with membership or registration fees for a period of more than six months.

Reinstatement of Persons Removed from the Register

A person removed from the register under 1 or 2 above may appeal the decision (see appeals below). Should the appeal succeed the removed person shall be reinstated and the removal from the register erased from the public record. Any appeal or reinstatement fee paid shall be refunded in full.

A person removed from the register under 3 or 4 above may apply for reinstatement by payment of the required fees within three months of being informed of their removal from the register.

A person removed from the register under 1 or 2 above may apply for reinstatement after a period of no less than two years from the date of removal from the register. An application for reinstatement shall be accompanied by a reinstatement fee equivalent to the initial registration fee and such other information as the Certification Committee may request. Reinstatement is not automatic and is contingent on the committee being convinced that the behaviour leading to the original removal from the register is unlikely to be repeated.

Allegations of Misconduct

Any person alleging misconduct by a Certified Quality Professional must submit the full details of the allegation in writing and pay a bond of good faith of $200. All allegations of misconduct shall be submitted to the Certification Committee for hearing.

Limitation of Liability

NZOQ's role is restricted to making a decision whether the person accused of misconduct should remain on, or be removed from, the register. NZOQ shall not accept any liability for, or enter into any process to determine or award, damages that may be claimed as a consequence of the alleged misconduct.


Applicants who wish to appeal a decision of the Certification Committee may lodge an appeal in writing with the Appeals Committee for reconsideration outlining the grounds for the appeal and providing any documentary evidence in support of the appeal.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the process for evaluating candidates for certification is effective, the New Zealand Organisation for Quality does not accept liability for the conduct of persons certified under the scheme.


NZQA Unit Standards in Quality Management

Applicants holding formal credit lodged on the National Qualifications Framework to all of the following NZQA unit standards in quality management will be recognised as equivalent to the knowledge and skills contained within the Certificate in Quality Assurance.

7460 Develop, implement and review quality management systems
8073 Establish, develop, and improve quality-focused aspects of supplier relationships
8074 Establish, develop, and improve quality-focused aspects of customer relationships
8075 Manage quality aspects of the design of products, services, systems, and processes.
8077 Participate in a team for the improvement of products, services and production, and/or delivery processes.
8078 Lead a team for the improvement of products, service and production, and/or delivery processes
8080 Develop plans to gather and analyse information for the management of quality.
8081 Collect data for the management of quality.
8082 Analyse and communicate information for the management of quality.
8085 Explain fundamental concepts and principles of quality and its management.
8086 Demonstrate knowledge required for quality auditing
8087 Use core quality management tools.
8088 Analyse quality costs.
8089 Use of statistical process control tools for the control and improvement of processes.
8090 Use attribute sampling plans

Massey University Courses

  • Diploma in Quality Assurance
  • Diploma in Food Quality Assurance
  • Bachelor in Technology

Acceptance of the above Massey University qualifications is subject to production of student course transcripts showing the students course of study included papers in quality management, production/operations management and statistical process control.

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