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All of our training is available as Corporate training and can be tailored to meet your needs. Programmes can also be developed to meet specific training requirements.

NZOQ training is available at locations across New Zealand.

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NZ Trade and Enterprise Voucher scheme

Regional Business Partner Network

Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops and courses that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

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NZOQ can quickly offer you practical and proven training options to allow you to meet market challenges, to reduce costs and to improve productivity. Since 1977, NZOQ has provided all sectors of the New Zealand economy with an excellent range of training initiatives—from one-day programmes to a full diploma.

Past graduates have delivered proven productivity and efficiency gains in their workplace after completing their NZOQ courses. The practical nature of our knowledge transfer leads to immediate positive effects.

Diploma in Quality Assurance

This course covers the principles and practices of quality management and quality systems, and explores the tools and techniques used in developing and implementing a quality approach into an organisation.

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Internal Auditor training Register now »

This workshop has been developed for those familiar with the basics of quality management systems wishing to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to conduct internal quality systems audits.

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Management Systems Auditing Register now »

Exemplar Global Lead Auditor training

This workshop is intended for those who have a sound background in quality systems and wish to become involved in first, second (supplier) or third party (certification) audits. Blended learning option available.

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ISO Standards Knowledge workshop

"Improving your Business Intelligence through Management Systems"

This workshop is based around the latest international thinking and information from our colleagues on the various standards committees and certification bodies.

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Managing Integrated Systems

Learn how to effectively manage your integrated management system that leads to improvement in the performance of your organisation.

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Quality Management: Practical Skills

This course has been developed to provide a practical application of quality, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced risks, improved products and service.

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Quality in Healthcare: Practical Skills

This course is known for its practical application of quality in the workplace. By the end of this course, participants will be compulsive problem solvers, have greater job satisfaction, be effective team members, and will seek improved ways of working on process improvements.

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Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001

This course examines business sustainability to help organisations design and implement effective environmental management systems meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

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Sustainable Business Management

This workshop is designed for business owners that aspire to lift the performance of their business to a whole new level. You will have used powerful tools to develop a clear map of what you need to action to achieve this growth. We offer discounts so you can bring along up to 3 people to engage them in lifting the performance of your business.

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Auditing Management Systems: Live Online

This training consists of meetings which are delivered online during four 2-hour meetings that contain all you will need to carry out effective internal audits of the management systems in your organisation.

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ISO 9001 Management Briefing

This course has been designed for senior management, and graduates of the Internal Auditor course, who wish to maximise the benefits of ISO 9001.

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Lean/Six Sigma

NZOQ are pleased to offer Lean and Six Sigma programmes with the opportunity for participants to apply for national certification and registration. Our trainers are certified Master Black Belts with comprehensive experience in Lean/Six Sigma.

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Certificate in Quality Assurance

The Certificate in Quality Assurance is closed to new students studying with Open Polytechnic. If you wish to commence study in this field from November 2017, please consider enrolment in the Diploma in Quality Assurance (Year 1).

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