Strengthening NZ Quality & Business Excellence

NZOQ and NZBEF to merge operations

We are proud to announce that the two major New Zealand Quality organisations—NZOQ and NZBEF—are coming together.

At a joint meeting in Auckland, Directors of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ) and the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF) decided to merge the operations of both organisations. This will allow a seamless presentation of Quality and Business Excellence across a very wide spectrum of operations.

This exciting opportunity allows access to a much broader range of expertise and capabilities and this alignment will significantly enhance our joint ability to provide leadership in the principles of quality management and performance excellence in New Zealand and best promote an enhanced positive image to the world.

All the old favourites of both organisations will be maintained and any existing links you may have will continue. To assure continuity going forward, the Directors of NZBEF resolved to dissolve NZBEF and to merge with NZOQ. Additional Directors have been appointed to the continuing NZOQ Board to continue governance. An approved NZBEF merger action plan will see business as usual for its activities.

Business Excellence will continue as a strong brand within the new organisation and to ensure that Baldrige is strengthened an Advisory Panel has been established to ensure that training, awards, evaluation, grading, assessments, consulting and judging will continue.