The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and NZOQ presented the…

World Business Capability Congress 2012


in Auckland, New Zealand


December 5–7, 2012

The World Business Capability Congress was the premier business improvement-orientated congress.

This Congress provided attendees with a more complete understanding of what it takes to become a successful organisation in today's and tomorrow's business world. We are confident that attendees obtained ideas and initiatives that, if implemented, will lead to substantial improvements in their own organisation's business capability and performance.

This Congress aimed to make a real impact in helping organisations raise their business capability through "Driving Excellence> Innovation> Productivity> Export Growth.

This was achieved by holding a knowledge-packed event with over 100 presentations, 14 keynotes speeches, and a Best Practice Competition, with up to 20 organisations sharing their best practices.

Organisational survival demands extraordinary improvements in organisational performance. Organisations' need to exist in a highly, and increasingly, networked world. They face fast-paced technological, economic, regulatory, environmental, demographic, and cultural changes that daily influence their ability to remain relevant and viable.