Auditing Management Systems: Live Online

​Learn how to audit integrated management systems in 2 weeks

Do you need to learn how to audit your organisation's management systems in accordance with the new 2015 ISO 9001 and 14001 standards? Are you so busy that you cannot afford any time away from the office to attend 2-day Internal Audit training? Can you commit to attend a series of online workshops and complete assignments?

Course requirements

Course content is delivered via Citrix™ GoToMeeting. You may find the attendee guide useful to check that your system operates correctly. Ideally you should have a headset and broadband connection. A pre-course meeting will be conducted to ensure the course will run smoothly for you.

Facilitator profile

Excellence expert Michael Voss has a strong quality management and performance excellence background. He has been involved in management systems and improving organisational performance for over 20 years. His extensive experience covers all roles—change agent, project manager, management representative, quality manager, senior leader, and board member.

Auditing Management Systems: Live Online training contains all you will need to carry out effective internal audits of the management systems in your organisation.

This training consists of online meetings which are delivered by Michael Voss online during four 2-hour meetings over a 2-week period. Between meetings there is 1–2 hours of additional work in the form of practical exercises to assist you in applying what you have learnt to your business.

Numbers are strictly limited to maximise the value for each attendee.

Course content

  • Business sustainability: because internal audit has an important part to play in building a long term sustainable business
  • ISO standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001: to understand the minimum requirements for internationally recognised practice
  • Business excellence: to understand what it takes to be world class
  • Management systems: to understand the documentation to audit against
  • Non-conformances: to learn how to recognise failures and opportunities for improvement
  • Audit report: to provide factual and actionable information for leaders
  • Audit process: that meets the ISO 19011 guidelines for conducting audits
  • Audit checklist: to guide the audit team in conducting effective audits
  • On site activities: to learn the techniques that deliver results and save time
  • Improvement: how internal audit provides part of the overall business improvement system

All online meetings are recorded in case you miss a session. You will get 12-month access to the Pyxis member area for recordings, worksheets, examples, and support.

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