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Improve organisational effectiveness

The Managing Integrated Systems workshop is designed for those who have completed the NZOQ Internal Audit (2-day or 3-day course), PYXIS Auditing Management Systems course, or 5-day Management Systems Auditing course, or equivalent auditing course and are looking to add to their skills.

This workshop includes both individual and team work—so bring your whole team along to improve the effectiveness of your organisation's improvement programme.

NZOQ training is available at locations across New Zealand.

Training dates

Learn how to effectively manage your integrated management system that leads to improvement in the performance of your organisation.

A hands-on workshop designed for the Owner or Manager responsible for:

  • Health and Safety, Quality, and/or Environment
  • Maintaining management system compliance with standards
  • Moving the organisation from compliance to continual improvement

Learn techniques to improve the effectiveness of your organisation's management system processes.

The Managing Integrated Systems workshop is designed for process owners, senior internal auditors, health and safety representatives, quality managers, environmental managers and those responsible for maintaining legal compliance. It is ideal for leaders who desire to move their organisation from a compliance focus to continual improvement.

Learning outcomes

You will have gained the following knowledge and skills and be able to:

  • Understand the value of having an integrated management system
  • Assess the organisational culture required for zero harm
  • Understand the importance of internal audit in improvement
  • Determine which processes to improve
  • Schedule audits effectively
  • Provide effective reports to management
  • Minimise the cost of conducting internal audits
  • Review and improve the audit programme

Facilitator profile

Michael Voss

Excellence expert, Michael Voss is workshop developer and principal facilitator. Michael has a strong quality management and performance excellence background. He has been involved in management systems and improving organisational performance for over 20 years. His extensive experience covers all roles—change agent, project manager, management representative, quality manager, senior leader, and board member.

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