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Exemplar Global Lead Auditor training

NZOQ training is available at locations across New Zealand.

Training dates

The Audit

  • Pre-audit activities – Gap Audits – Preliminary visit
  • Product or system
  • Proposal planning: 2nd and 3rd Party
  • Audit planning – Times / Processes / People
  • Entry and exit meeting
  • The audit process – end to end including Second Party Contract Monitoring
  • Report formats with examples
  • Corrective action and follow-up

Specialised Aspects

  • IT aspects including cloud / standard / bespoke applications
  • Business improvement tools – a selection
  • Process mapping - basics
  • Service industry applications
  • Documentation and data in relation to specific standards
  • Risk evaluation, hazard identification and statistical methods such as Confidence
  • Scenarios and case studies bring out specialist topics including healthcare, calibration, product or service recall, service functions

Related Aspects

  • Interpersonal skills – Questioning and Listening
  • Personal attributes
  • Relevant system standards and guides
  • Regulated and non-regulated audits
  • Links for integrated programmes involving Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH)
  • Ethics and reference to Social Standards (e.g. ISO 26000, SEDEX at al.)
  • Accreditation and certification (Including local and international references)
  • Auditor registration

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More information

Page content approved by A Stephenson on behalf of IQM Group NZ Ltd. Jan 2019

The Lead Auditor training programme has been continuously certified since 1985; it is provided by IQM Group NZ Ltd. The course contains three modules: QM, AU, and TL. Additional programmes in 2019 covers Health & Safety (OH) and Environment (EM). There are several new case studies and scenarios.

This programme has been designed for candidates with diverse industry backgrounds and qualifications. It provides positive outcomes for the employer and gives the candidate confidence to lead audits at first, second, and third-party levels. Participants will be able to understand the holistic role of auditing across all business functions/processes and thus meet the additional expectations of auditors and auditing bodies around ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.

The course is built extensively around ISO 19011:2018 and brings candidates up-to-date. The programme is certified by Exemplar Global International as a competency-based course. Participants will be able later to undertake a full skill examination with Exemplar Global should they so wish.

All candidates have ongoing access to both IQM Group NZ Ltd and NZOQ for advice and reference material at generally little or no cost.

No other course keeps you up-to-date with tools and techniques for modern audit / assessment practice. From Risk Management, to Sampling, to Remote audits, plus the ongoing changes after the course. We even loan you standards! For those with multiple roles in management this course provides a sound understanding of Audit practice in all situations, then this course is for you. Over 95% of course participants have rated this course excellent value for money.

Programme Length

The course can be taken two ways:

  • Five-day traditional face-to-face classroom-style training, or
  • 'Blended' approach of online learning for theory, plus two-days of practical face-to-face training.

Management Systems Auditing can also be tailored to suit specific industry requirements for Corporate in-house training. For more information, please contact Tess Stewart.

The Benefits

  • Based on a course internationally presented since 1985. The first course from the southern hemisphere to be approved by the IQA.
  • Tutors are practising auditors.
  • Over 36 hours contact time with presenters.
  • A full set of course notes, and references provided on line.
  • Morning, afternoon teas and lunches.
  • Extensive involvement in case studies.
  • Professional development credits.


A full set of course notes is included in the training fee. A pre-course assignment is required. A notebook computer will be helpful during this course.

Pre-requisite Knowledge

All delegates are expected to have an understanding of the content, application and implementation of management systems and one or more of ISO 9001, 14001, or 45001. Pre-course readings covering these topics will be provided prior to the course commencement with the pre-course assignment.

Some applicants, because of previous training and experience, can ask for RPL or RCC covering either the QM or AU modules; the classic example is with the NZOQ/Open Polytechnic Certificate in Quality Assurance. A small charge is applied to cover RPL and RCC processes.

Auditor Registration Requirements

To meet Exemplar Global requirements, course candidates must meet the:

  • Continuous assessment criteria related to attitude, performance and time keeping related to the course objectives and assessed daily by tutors.
  • Competency Standards.
  • Requirements for industrial and audit skills as defined by the registration body.

General Information

  • Morning, afternoon teas and lunches are included in the course fee.
  • As each of these courses has a high workshop content, the numbers are limited to 20 for each course.
  • A cancellation fee of 20% applies for all cancellations made two weeks prior to the course dates. A cancellation fee of 60% applies for cancellations made after this. Substitutions may be made at any time.

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