Strengthening NZ Quality & Business Excellence

NZOQ and NZBEF collaboration

The NZBEF and NZOQ will continue a positive strategic alliance going forward. However, NZBEF has decided not to formally merge with NZOQ and instead will continue in a collaborative arrangement with NZOQ member benefits on offer to NZBEF members and NZBEF member benefits on offer to NZOQ members. In addition, we will advertise and support each other's events, conferences and services into the future.

In September 2016 NZBEF came under the governance of NZOQ Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of NZOQ Inc. For two years we have worked together to promote quality and excellence to the world to the present point where once again NZBEF considered they could once again operate independently.

Accordingly, the NZBEF Incorporated Society has been re-registered and NZOQ Ltd will now cease to govern NZBEF. The NZBEF Incorporated Society will confirm its own board of directors going forward. They are:

• Beryl Oldham – Board Chair

• Carew Hatherley

• Ian Ris

• Keith Phillips

• Tony Stephenson

• Wayne Burroughs

While NZOQ Ltd and its directors will now cease to have governance of NZBEF going forward we look forward to a positive future strategic alliance to continue to promote quality and excellence.

Dan Forsman

Chair, NZOQ